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Beautiful smiles are priceless and we want to provide the most comprehensive orthodontic treatment to enhance your smile.

Your first visit is a courtesy service with no fees or obligation on your part.

Overview of Your Visit
• Complete our Patient Information/Medical History Form.
• Ask about the orthodontic treatment that interests you.
• Learn more about your past dental and medical histories.
• Conduct an examination: digital radiography (X-ray) & imaging.
• Review a clinical diagnosis & discuss a treatment plan.


Orthodontist Treatments and Services

This type of bad bite involves the lower (mandibular) front teeth to sit in front of the upper front teeth. This is usually caused by the overgrowth of the lower jaw.

This exists when the upper (maxillary) front teeth extend and sit in front of the lower front teeth significantly. This overlapping can cause the lower front teeth to bite the roof of the mouth.

This bite irregularity involves the alignment of each tooth to either be closer to the cheek or tongue. The typical appearance shows certain teeth to cross each other, hence, the name.

In an openbite, the upper and lower front teeth do not overlap. Usually, it is caused by thumb sucking or tongue thrusting during a child’s developmental years.

Certain teeth have small to large gaps in between. It may be caused by missing teeth or tooth growth problems. Though in most cases it is simply a cosmetic issue, it may still affect the way you talk.

Simply put, too many teeth in the mouth with too little room. There is not enough room for the normal set of adult teeth caused by missing teeth, extra teeth, impacted teeth, or irregular-shaped teeth.


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