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I Have Braces: Do I Still Need to Go to the Dentist?

I’m already going to an orthodontist for braces, do I still need to visit a dentist?

Yes, absolutely! 


 While your orthodontist focuses on straightening your teeth and fixing jaw problems, regular dental cleanings and dental exams from your dentist are critical to keep your teeth and gums healthy.  It’s important to remember that excessive plaque and cavities can occur when you’re wearing braces, so regular dental checkups along with daily brushing and flossing (at least twice a day) should be a basic part of your healthcare routine.

Without continued dental care, you could end up with cavities that can lead to gum disease.  If left untreated, cavities and gum disease can cause serious damage to your oral teeth, not to mention the need to wear braces for an extended period.

How often?

We recommend that you visit your dentist every 3-4 months for a check-up and cleaning when you’re wearing braces.  That’s probably more frequently that you used to visit your dentist – but we believe it’s important since it’s more difficult to thoroughly clean your teeth when you wear braces or other dental appliances.  Your dentist and hygienist will clean and carefully assess your gums and teeth for any signs of cavities.  They will also check and treat any areas with decalcification, which appear as white spots on teeth.  Decalcification is preventable by avoiding sweets and acidic foods.  However, once it’s visible on the teeth, it’s difficult to remove without professional deep cleanings.  Additionally, it’s important to keep up to date on x-rays.


What will they do? 

Most of your dental appointment will be dedicated to cleaning your teeth.  Some dentists or hygienists will remove dental appliances to clean while others prefer to clean around braces.  While the cleaning and treatment doesn’t differ significantly for individuals wearing braces, many hygienists may use specialized tools to remove plaque.  The dentist and hygienist will also use fluoride treatment and take x-rays if needed.


Are you a candidate for braces?

If you think you can benefit from straighter teeth, the first step is to obtain a thorough evaluation by a qualified dental health professional such as Dr. Yang at Smiling Yangs Orthodontics.  A comprehensive evaluation will allow Dr. Yang to uncover dental issues linked to an abnormal bite.  He will explain the diagnosis and work with you to determine the optimal treatment options for you.

If you or a family member have questions about oral health, please contact a qualified dental health professional such as SmilingYangs Orthodontics.


SmilingYangs Orthodontics

Since 1998, USC and Harvard – trained Dentist and Orthodontist James T. Yang, B.D.S., D.D.S., D.M.Sc., has provided state-of-the-art orthodontic care and service to the South Florida community.  SmilingYangs Orthodontics, opened in 1998, is dedicated to providing excellent orthodontic care, treating each patient with respect and professionalism.  Dr. Yang and his talented team at SmilingYangs Orthodontics take pride in their office atmosphere:  a friendly, comfortable environment with courteous, attentive, and punctual staff members.  Learn more about SmilingYangs Orthodontics and their excellent patient reviews at www.smilingyangs.com or call (954) 623-8446 to schedule an appointment today.




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