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Flossing with Braces? Try Water Flossing

When wearing dental braces, food particles can get stuck in between the orthodontic brackets and hardware, causing gum irritation.  If you don’t floss daily to reduce the bacteria that builds up in between the teeth, cavities can form.  If the cavities are not treated properly, they can lead to further tooth decay and painful, swollen gums or gingivitis as well as periodontitis and other serious oral health problems.

Excellent oral hygiene starts with regular brushing and flossing.  Cleaning your teeth thoroughly will remove food particles and help prevent gingivitis or gum disease, periodontitis or gum infections, and decalcification or stain marks.

When you first start wearing dental braces, you may question how to most effectively floss your teeth.  Dental floss is great for those without braces, but it can be difficult for individuals wearing dental braces to effectively use.

You’re probably wondering if there is another option besides the usual dental floss, tape or string.


And there is — Water flossing!

Water flossing breaks down the food particles stuck in your brackets and orthodontic hardware.  The water flosser allows you to clean below, above, in between, and all around the braces.  Some brands of water flossers have special tapered tips designed to help remove plaque that sticks to braces.  Water flossers also help remove the debris from under your gums, helping you maintain healthy gums.

Another benefit of water flossing is that it’s relatively quick.  In 2-3 minutes, you can thoroughly clean your teeth and braces!

You may just be surprised how clean your teeth and gums feel after water flossing.  But don’t make the mistake of thinking that water flossing replaces brushing your teeth.  It doesn’t!    You still need to brush your teeth after consuming any food.  If it’s not possible to brush after each meal, make sure to rinse your mouth, swishing water around several times before spitting, allowing any food particles to loosen.

Find out more about how to Brush with Braces in this recent article.

Good, consistent oral hygiene will help keep your teeth and gums healthy.  But, be sure to schedule regular dental checkups at least every 6 months to have your teeth professionally cleaned.

If you or a family member have questions about oral health, please contact a qualified dental health professional such as SmilingYangs Orthodontics.


SmilingYangs Orthodontics

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