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Teen-Approved Braces

Oftentimes, the styles that celebrities and musical artists don give rise to new fashion trends.  Think back to the Beatles — and John Lennon’s iconic wire-framed glasses…  or the chunky bling that Madonna made popular in the ’80s.

In Asia, a couple of pop song artists gave rise to a unique fashion trend — dental braces!  It may have been the celebrities that started the trend, but since then, teens in several countries in Asia have embraced it.  Consequently, dental braces have not only become an important style accessory, but also a hot commodity in several Asian countries.  The infatuation with dental braces in countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia have actually led to “black markets” for fake braces.

So while braces may not have become a sought-after fashion accessory yet in the United States, dental braces are becoming more fun, popular, and cool with teens.  The numerous options for different types of braces and the multitude of colorful bands that can be used have transformed the “metal mouths” of yesteryear into acceptable, even hip, orthodontic accessories.

Many teens like stainless steel or metal braces because they can select colored bands that define their personal style.  Lingual braces aren’t visible from the front, and work great for budding musicians and athletes.  Ceramic or clear braces use clear or tooth-colored ceramic brackets, and are less visible and seldom stain.  Finally, the famous Invisalign® system is virtually invisible and allows you to easily remove the aligners which make eating, drinking and flossing easier.

With so many great options available today, which dental braces will you choose?

If you think you or a family member may need dental braces, please contact a qualified dental health professional such as SmilingYangs Orthodontics to obtain a comprehensive evaluation.   Your orthodontist will discuss your diagnosis and find the best treatment options available for you.


SmilingYangs Orthodontics

Since 1998, USC and Harvard – trained Orthodontist Dr. James T. Yang, B.D.S., D.D.S., D.M.Sc. has provided state-of-the-art orthodontic care and service to the South Florida community.  SmilingYangs Orthodontics, opened in 1998, is dedicated to providing excellent orthodontic care, treating each patient with respect and professionalism.  Dr. Yang and his talented team at SmilingYangs Orthodontics take pride in their office atmosphere:  a friendly, comfortable environment with courteous, attentive, and punctual staff members.  Learn more about SmilingYangs Orthodontics and their excellent patient reviews at www.smilingyangs.com or call (954) 623-8446 to schedule an appointment today.


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