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Playing Musical Instruments with Braces

Many teens in middle and high school are excited to learn to play a band instrument.  Most young pre-teens and teens start in beginning band, and as they gain experience, they get to advance and play for the concert, varsity, symphonic, or marching bands. Middle and high school is also the period when teens who […]

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Facebook Review Contest


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Contest Winners

Congrats to our winners! Shanira – Winner of the Most Referrals this quarter. Tristian – Winner of the Semi-Annual Patient of the Month.

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Playing Sports with Dental Braces? What Parents Need to Know!

According to statistics from a recent publication in the journal Sports Health, titled “Common Dental Injury Management in Athletes”, each year over 5 million children and adolescents suffer dental injuries while playing sports in the United States[1].  The most common of these dental injuries include tooth fractures, tooth avulsion (a tooth that has been knocked […]

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Teen-Approved Braces

Oftentimes, the styles that celebrities and musical artists don give rise to new fashion trends.  Think back to the Beatles — and John Lennon’s iconic wire-framed glasses…  or the chunky bling that Madonna made popular in the ’80s. In Asia, a couple of pop song artists gave rise to a unique fashion trend — dental […]

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Orthodontic Retainers

Bonded lingual retainers / orthodontic retention provide an adequate means of maintaining anterior tooth position relatively independent of patient cooperation. These retainers may be considered by Dr. Yang for patients with a variety of clinical indications as well as contraindications. The advantages to doctors and patients of Fixed Lingual Retainers are many and include: Aesthetic […]

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When Adults Need Braces

When we think about braces, we often think of a teenager with small metal brackets on their teeth. But dental braces have progressed so much in the past twenty years. Braces now are made of more comfortable, transparent materials. And they are not just for teenagers. Over 1.4 million adults in the U.S. sought orthodontic […]

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Referral Contest

Get Rewarded!! The patient who has the highest number of referrals by the end of March wins a $150 check from Dr. Yang!

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